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Lightforce Performance Lighting
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About Lightforce Performance Lighting

The LIGHTFORCE story started in the small country town of Cleve in South Australia with a simple desire by Dr. Raymond Dennis to have a lightweight powerful handheld light for recreational use. As nothing was available to meet the demands the decision was made to make one.

From that first prototype came many changes and eventually a light was produced.

What started out as a simple pastime designing and producing lights for personal use has grown into a full manufacturing facility employing over 50 dedicated staff now based in Adelaide.

Dr. Raymond Dennis had the foresight and passion to commercialise a lighting system that simply outshone products in the market and continue to do so to this day.

LIGHTFORCE has attained a formidable reputation of designing and manufacturing innovative performance lighting equipment with a unique array of modular accessories. Demand for LIGHTFORCE products now sees exports to in excess of 50 countries.

With more than 25 years experience in design and manufacturing, LIGHTFORCE is now positioning itself as the performance leader within the automotive fields and in three distinct markets – Driving Lights, Sporting Lights, & Rifle Optics.

Our departure from glass and metal construction materials, unlike our competitors, not only gives us a clear competitive advantage but has also seen us win a number of prestigious Australian Design Awards and has built customer confidence second to none.

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